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Uzbekistan today is the country where thousands-old antiquity exists in harmony with modern civilization. Harmonious correlation of times is seen everywhere. Ancient monuments, Old Town houses made of adobe bricks stand next to many-storied sky scraping buildings constructed in accordance with the unique designs worked out by architects of the 20th century. The traditions of the people are being carefully preserved.
Arts and crafts have been developing here throughout the centuries; their secrets have been passed from generation to generation as great treasure. The unique works of unknown masters strike you dumb by the flight of fancy. 
Non-material heritage is not less unique and has been acknowledged by UNESCO. For example, the folklore singing of Baysun district, Surkhandarya Province, Uzbekistan, is included as a cultural object in UNESCO list to be protected by the international community. Melodiousness and oriental rhythms of ritual songs and musical compositions sung and played in other regions of the country are amazing too.

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Uzbekistan is truly an amazing land with original national culture where the heritage of ancient times is being carefully preserved and a society with modern economy and developed science and art is being simultaneously built.
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