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Aksay - Gulkam. Trekking Tour

Two-days trekking Beldersay-Base Camp in Aksay gorge-Gulkam

Tashkent – Beldersay gorge – Kumbel top – Chetkumbel pass – Beldersay river – Urtakumbel pass – Mramornaya river – Aksay gorge – Small Chimgan peak – Gulkam Canyon - Charvak Lake – Tashkent (2 days/1 night)


Best time for tour:  from the May to October. 
Kind of route:  Two-day mountain walking (hiking)
The length of active part:  26km, maximal height: 2300m
Mountain experience is not obligatory


 The tour takes place in Ugam-Chatkal National Natural Park, near Tashkent citizens and visitor’s popular place for rest – Chimgan ski resort in 90 km from Tashkent. Amazing views, unusual elements of mountain relief, leaves rustling, spring purling   and fresh mountain air will not leave you indifferent. This route is a great opportunity to rest from city problems and get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Day 1 Transfer from Tashkent to a popular ski resort Beldersay (90km, 2 hrs)

 (Trekking 12km; +500m, -800m, 6-7 hrs). Active part of the route starts from low point of chair-lift  (1520 m). Twenty minutes lifting up on the chair (+600 m), then 1 hour ascent along the path , and we are on Kumbel peak (2300 m). It is a vision point, from there you can see Karjantau and Chatkal ridges and valley of Chirchik river. Then descents with traverse to Chetkumbel pass (1880 m). On the pass, under a huge Juniper tree - shade place for rest with a view to Big Chimgan (3309m), the highest peak in this area. Chatkal range spurs are overtopping to the south. Continue the descent to a picturesque valley Beldersay (1700 m). Here around big Juniper trees is a very good place for lunch. Then small ascent to Urtakumbel pass (1850 m) and descent to Mramornaya River (1720 m). if you want, it is possible the excursion to waterfall, with visit the canyon with relict stoned shells.  Final in this day ascent along the path and we are on Takhta-Jaylyau pass (2000m). Overseeing the views of Chimgan gorge. Overnight in tent camp on a picturesque green field in Aksay gorge. (1770 m).


Day 2 (Trekking 14km; -170m, +500m, - 1000 m, 5-5,5 hrs).

Final day of the program starts with walking from resort Chimgan to Pesochniy pass (1830 m).

There are many beauty approaches to the canyon from Chimgan settlement through Pesochniy pereval (1830m). Even for not skilled tourists It will take 40 m – 1 hour to get Chimgan gorge (1600 m) till the pass with the altitude drop. From the pass you can walk up for more 270 m higher to Maliy Chimgan peak (Small Chimgan peak) (2100m). An amazing view opens up to the neighboring mountains. Ugam,Pskem,Chatkal ranges are clearly visible, Charvak reservoir is  shining in the sun with falling into it Pskem river, Koksu river, Chatkal river. Gorgeous Aukashka Peak (Ohotnichiy Peak, 3100m), flowering  valleys, legendary settlement Brichmulla. Going down from the passing to Gulkam gorges through a shady birch grove, enjoying the silence and valley views. And finally here is Gulkam canyon – one of the most interesting places in mountains of the Western Tyan-Shan. The canyon rocks are absolutely smooth, water had been running here thousands of years and smoothed all the ledges. It is so much pleasure to walk through Gulkam gorges especially in summer. Having passed through Gulkam canyon, you appear in front of the car waiting for you. Transfer to Charvak hight-mountain reservoir. After photo session transfer to Tashkent (100 km, 2 hrs).

The tour conditions:

The itinerary does not have a sport class of difficulty and is available for all tourists who are in good physical form. The weather at the trekking time usually is stable, warm, sunny, but sometimes it is windy and rainy. The temperature in a daytime depends on an altitude and starts form 10 till 30 degrees Celsius.  Day crossing is 10-14 km, the max altitude drop is -1000 m, and the max altitude is 2300 m a.s.l.

The group is accompanied by mountain guide and a cook. The age limit – 18 years. Children can take part in the trekking accompanied by their parents, or teachers.

Mountain guide is a leadership of a group and plenipotentiary representative of our company on the itinerary. The guide has a right to change a “string” of the itinerary in connection with weather or other conditions, threatening tourists’ safety.

The tour equipment Company provides the following equipment for trekking: 2-3-seater tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, equipment for food intake and preparing, first-aid set. 

Every participant should have: rucksack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm clothes, comfortable footwear for trekking, running shoes, water- and windproof overcoats, flashlight, protection cream, sun glasses, head-dress (panama, cap, and little cap).

Meals: Сook prepare all the food (tourist’s help is welcome).


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