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In Uzbekistan, there will be a year-round ski resort

In Uzbekistan, there will be a year-round ski resort
PGI and Amirsoy Mountain Resort signed an agreement on the coordination of the construction of the first ski resort in Uzbekistan, says in the press release of the company. 

"PGI will manage the project from the first steps until the ski resort is ready to start its activities and receive the first customers," the report said. 

Specifically for this PGI will bring together an international team of specialists who will first engage in project management at the preliminary stage, and then supervise the construction itself. 

The main goal of the project is to offer strategic support to the top management of the ski resort, establish technical requirements, create a communication line for all stakeholders in the project and ensure adequate coordination in the construction process. 

PGI will coordinate project management in four phases: at the first specialists of the company will determine the overall scope of the project and will draw up 
a suitable schedule. At the second technical requirements in accordance with international standards will be developed and selecting contractors will be started. 

In subsequent stages, PGI will assist with the management of the whole team of contractors, so that the project will meet deadlines, but not lose quality, and to supervise the construction process itself. 

In the final result, "Amirsoy" should become the first year-round ski resort in Uzbekistan, which fully meets international standards. 

Origin: http://www.ut.uz/en/tourism/in-uzbekistan-there-will-be-a-year-round-ski-resort/
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