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Electronic Music Festival in Uzbekistan - "Element"

Electronic Music Festival in Uzbekistan - "Element"
Electronic Music Festival in Uzbekistan - "Element"

What could be more eclectic than the sounds of electronic music and an imaginary sea in the middle of the desert?

Element is a fictional mechanism of mixing voyages, a manifesto of escapism, a majestic intersection of cultures, whose carriers are transferred to a completely rethought reality of the world.

The festival on the edge of the dried sea is an immense easel for creative people and an opportunity to find in reflection the best version of oneself. Therefore, the organizers want Element to become an internal search enhancer, voices of responsibility and hope.

The death of the Aral Sea remains the most acute environmental problem of the entire Central Asian region. In his speech at the 72nd UN General Assembly, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev called on the world community to pay attention to this natural disaster and to show consolidation of the efforts expressed in the special UN program.

Element is a project of a collaboration between enthusiasts and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The mission of the festival is to raise the awareness of the world community about this problem and to increase the responsible attitude to the rational use of water and the revival of the Aral Sea area.

Past Element has shown how different cultures can be and just as strong can be the innate desire for the unknown.

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