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Travel to the Aral Sea

Day 1
Nukus - Qungrad - Plateau Ustyurt- Aral Sea

Meeting with the guide in the lobby of the hotel 
Drive to Qundrad 

Qungrand – Raushan – Raushan rise on Plateau Ustyurt
Raushan rise on Plateau Ustyurt – The Sudoche lake.
The lake, where there were works on preserving the lake and run international and local projects. The lake where the majority of migrant birds make their nests. Where there stay even pink flamingo. If we are lucky, then we can meet some local fishermen with some fishes

Lunch on the lake 
Aral sea. Photographing canyons
Dinner around the fire
Night in the Yurt camp

Day 2
Aral Sea - Muynak - Nukus

Breakfast in the Yurt camp 
Walk along the sea beach. Photographing 
Aral Sea – Muynak. (Through the former seabed)
Visiting the monument to the victims of the World War II. Noawadays it is symbolically dedicated to The Aral Sea and which is the highest poinf of Muynak. From there you can see the panoramic view of the city and the seabed
Visiting «The cemetery of the ships»
Visiting museum The House of Culture of Muynak, where you can see works of 2 artists who came to Karakalpakstan, and depicted The Aral Sea and The Amudarya river
Lunch at a guest house in Muynak. Possibility to see and get acquainted with the daily life of the local karakalpak family
Muynak – The Necropolis of Mizdahkan (The Hodjeyli region)

Khalifa Erejep (9-11 cc)
Jumart kassab mound
Mazlumkhan sulu mausoleum (13-14 cc)
Shamin Nabi mausoleum

Hodjeyli – Nukus
Check-in the hotel in Nukus 

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